Tell-tale signs

The first signs of woodworm infestation are usually a spattering of tiny holes in the surface of the wood made by the adult beetles as they emerge. The holes are about 2 mm (0.1 in) across and very precise – quite easily distinguished from holes made by nails, drawing pins or darts, which are far less regular and betray the fact that they have been pushed in from the outside.

Below the woodworm holes there may well be signs of a fine powder consisting of chewed and digested wood. This is known as 'frass' (from the German verb 'fressen', meaning to eat or devour).

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Carole Richards 3 September, 2013

I have found some very small holes in the door of a pine wardrobe which I have had for 15 years. They are all in a straight line. What could be causing the holes? I intend to paint the wardrobe with a stain block paint & then an eggshell finish. Will this stop any infestation?

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