A Brief Guide to Woodworm

By far the most common of Britain's four kinds of woodworm is the grub (or larva) of the furniture beetle.

It bores through wood and can damage furniture, floorboards and rafters. Severe cases can cause structural damage, and make floorboards too weak to walk on.

But this is rare. Furniture beetle is a pest, but it is easy enough to bring under control and eradicate, so should not be cause for alarm. There are far worse things that can happen to a house!

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RE MacIntyre 3 January, 2012

Er, that picture is of old worm activity, at that density the stored sugars and broken down starches would all be consumed & the timber can only be burned!

Yours, Prof RE MacIntyre, Dept of Natural Sciences, Darwin College, Cambridge

nick lane 9 June, 2012

i have a mirro with a wooden frame there are very fine what looks like saw dust but there are no holes, have treated with woodworm killer which reduced the dust put not stoped it

Jenny 24 July, 2012

I just purchased a wooden rocking horse ornament from Homebase, 2 days later there is evidence of woodworm, several holes and dust underneath it. We have not seen any other evidence of woodworm infestation in our home, therefore did I buy this already with this problem? I want to take it back and complain.

Rosanna Mahmood 28 August, 2012

I have new wood worm in a shelf I had fitted and it must have started just a week ago. The whole are appearing amazingly quickly. So sad, just a lovely shelf. But I can see that the density of the whole in this picture would be my self if left for just a short while, so I don't know why the first post says it is old activity.

Andrew McKeon 5 November, 2012

I have found some old wood logs on soem waste ground locally. They have woodworm holes in them. By storing them in my garage and log store till they dry out enough to burn in my log stove, am I risking infecting other stored good wood and wood in my garage generally? or is the infestation likely to be defunct?

maryla ranoszek 18 January, 2013

I have found woodworn and the dust in chairs stored in my garage, a whole chair leg had been destroyed. Can i burn the remaining chairs in my woodburner or dispose of them in another way. Should i remove all wood from the garage which is under the house ?

Jay taylor 10 February, 2013

Is it possible to get wood worm in my lamanate floor iv started getting holes apear in it if someone can email me answers my email is jamesth1@hotmail.co.uk

Graham Wait 21 May, 2013

I had an oak beam fitted above a fireplace in June 2011. In march this year I noticed wood worm in the front of the beam. The beam has been removed but the company now say it must have got into the beam after instalation as for it to have been in the beam dormant when installed there would have been some signs .I can find no sign of wood worm in any of my furniture.

Ivan 24 June, 2013

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